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Vintage Journal

Vintage style handmade Journal with Personalized Cover and old parchment dyed papers. DM us to Order.

(1) 8.5 x 7 Inches
80 Pages (160 Pages Front & back)
Price : Rs. 2099

(2) 7 x 4.25 Inches
80 Pages (160 Pages Front & back)
Price : Rs. 1499

DM us to Order

Journaling surely heals. It has a power of taking the pain away. Read some of our blogs on how to start journal.

Easy Doodle scribbling in Journal

If you’re all set to start your Art Journal journey in a vintage style and looking for some easy ideas which doesn’t require a lot of mess, then this blog can help you with achieving that target. There’s a complementary thing that comes with the thought journal writing which every beginner feels, and it’s laziness.Continue reading “Easy Doodle scribbling in Journal”