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Easy Doodle scribbling in Journal

If you’re all set to start your Art Journal journey in a vintage style and looking for some easy ideas which doesn’t require a lot of mess, then this blog can help you with achieving that target.

There’s a complementary thing that comes with the thought journal writing which every beginner feels, and it’s laziness. A lot of time we get inspired to start a journal for ourselves and even get a journal, but let it rest in our cupboard and never really start spending time with it. Been there, done that!

I’ve always found art journals fascinating. A lot of times I’ve tried to start it at different stages of my life and failed until last time when I successfully implemented the practice. There were a lot of reasons why I couldn’t do it before, but ‘what to do in that journal’ is the biggest reason of all. I’ve wasted some of my time because of that question but I don’t want you to crawl as slow as me. So, if you’re starting an art journal and looking for easiest and simplest art to punch in your journal, then some simple doodling can be the solution to it and I can help you with it, by giving you idea and showing some of my work.

Here’s some of my work related to doodles. They are very easy motives and no extra supplies are needed except a black gel pen and a journal.

I love flowers. And that’s one of the beautiful aspects about art that it reflects the personality of its artist. These are some flowers related easy doodles. You can either make it on the whole page or you can make it at a corner or at an edge letting some of the space on the page to write.

Doodling is very easy and fun. I love flowers and that’s why I make them. You don’t have to restrict yourself to flowers, you can make anything you want or feel like making. You don’t have to worry about the perfectness of your doodle. Since, it’s vintage art; it would look great if it’s rough and a bit careless.

It’s an amazing way to record your art into your Journal. You are your own master, you are free the draw and scribble as you want. Remember, there are no rules. This art let your emotions and passion to freely scratch over the pages of your journal and it reduces your stress and complications.

There’s something about the branches of trees with no leaves that look so aesthetic to me. I love drawing branches on these pages. And they actually look very aesthetic according to the vintage theme.

The vibe these branches create is just the thing you’re looking for while making vintage themed aged pages. This kind of scribbles motivates you to do more. These pages and these journals are meant for you, for your self-motivation and for your satisfaction. Make it the way you want it to be.

You can make it look more artistic and retro by adding a little collage as its base. You just need some brown paper (for vintage look and a little extra paper of your own choice and paste it on your aged page of journal roughly. And just draw a simple motive or doodle on it. If you draw it roughly over and off the collage you pasted, it will just look more artistic. But, again there’s no rule, if you want to keep it neat you can do that like the next picture.

This one looks neat and still radiates a vintage vibe that you want for your journal. These ideas are super easy and extremely fun to make. If you enjoy art and aesthetics, then you should give a try to vintage/art journal. You have no idea how many things you are capable of, just never stop exploring yourself.

If you run out of motives you don’t have to feel stuck, that reduces your motivation and doesn’t let you grow. At such times you just repeat your ideas and you’d be surprised to see that you can create a new one using your old ones. I have done this a lot of times and it doesn’t let you down. Having an art journal can be so exciting that it can change a lot in your personality and can make you more pleasing and happy.

There are some big motives that can cover a whole page and give your journal a very amazing look. Here I am going to  share such pages and motives for your journal.

You can try these aesthetic doodles in your journal and you’d be more than happy to do the scribbling on your journal with easy and simple ideas and less supplies. Your thoughts on one page and doodles on other gives an amazing look to your journal.

Motives like this can be made by a non-artist too. If you’ve never done drawing in your life but always liked the idea of it. And you want to keep an art journal for yourself then these ideas can help you to start your journey of journals. It’s exciting, fun and a little nostalgic too because when you write your thoughts, sometimes it takes you back to certain moments. But at the end, writing these thoughts out really helps you to move on and carry on with your life instead of clinging on a moment or a situation.

These doodles and piece of art are not complicated at all and it takes just few minutes of your time. I made them in just 5-15 minutes each and with a running hand. Best part about maintaining an art journal is that you do it according to your convenience and according to how it makes you feel and no one else. It’s an amazing way to showcase and preserve your art at the same time. You can keep it private and just for your own satisfaction.

Give your art a try and do journaling in your leisure time. I hope you find my blog helpful and inspiring. Have an amazing and a thoughtful day.

Please give your thoughts in the comments. Happy Jounaling!


How to start a Journal: Vintage Style

If you’re thinking to start an art journal in vintage style, then this post can be of great help for you. Everything related to vintage art journal is covered in this post. So if you’re a beginner and looking for guidance to make your own vintage journal then keep reading.

It doesn’t matter if you are related to art and craft or a journal keeper –or you’ve never done this before and all these things are new to you, It’s not a problem at all. You can start a journal irrespective of any above mentioned cases and the way you want.

Vintage Journal

Why Keeping a Journal

Firstly, keeping a journal can be very beneficial. Journaling can be a creative way to express your thoughts and managing your stress level. There is no predetermined way to write a journal. You can maintain your journal the way it seem fit. There is no particular purpose of a Journal, You can write your thoughts in your journal, plan your days, maintain to-do list or you can do different things in it, may be long-lost creativity or just some stress-relieving doodling in your journal. Writing in journals daily helps a lot of people to deal with a lot of things, but again there’s no rule to write daily. You can write according to your convenience and schedules as you want. Maintaining Journal for a writer can be of great importance. But you don’t have to be a writer to keep journal. It’s beautiful practice to maintain a journal in attempt to make your life simpler.

Doodles in Journal

Vintage journal creates a vibe which is very fascinating and different from normal journal keeping. Not just for you but for the people around you because of its mysteriously fascinating looks. It can be very exciting and fun to make this retro style of journal.

While maintaining art Journals you not only write your thoughts and feelings in it but you also get to show your creative and fun side. Because many of us haven’t even met this side of our personality or may be never explored ourselves that much.

Since we have learned why keeping a journal is important, now let’s jump into how to maintain an Art Journal in Vintage style.

Steps to maintain Art Journal

Creating an art journal in Vintage style can be easy and fun. Here’s step by step guidance to start an art Journal in Vintage style.

1. Have a Journal

You can start a Journal in no time as soon as you have a Journal. You can buy a Vintage looking Journal from your favorite store or from online store.

Or if you don’t want to put cost into it, then you can make your own journal with lowest cost and hand-made Items. You may click THE VINTAGE JOURNAL, my blog for step-by-step guidance for making your own vintage journal in no cost.

Aged Pages

Perks of having Vintage style Journal

  • Amazing Vintage Vibes
  • The uniqueness of your journal.
  • The look of aged pages will surely induce you to write more and motivate you to be creative.

2. Supplies

If you want to just write then there’s no problem, because aged paper creates a vintage vibe which seems enough. And all you need is a pen to start with. Preferably, a black gel or black ink pen would do. You can draw simple doodles or simple motive with the same pen at some of your pages.


If you want to be more creativity, then you need to have some supplies:

  • Old book for motives and pages.
  • Printable stickers (preferably vintage style)
  • A brown sheet
  • Glue
  • Dried flowers and Leaves.

3. Have a Space for Journaling

It doesn’t have to be a particular room with a mini library. A simple table or even your bed-side corner would do just fine. Having a particular space for your journaling stuff would motivate you to keep going.

Don’t worry if it looks bit messy at start, it’s actually the fun part of it because you are allowed to make a mess here. Basically, this art is born out of mess. The more rough it looks the more vintage vibes it produce.

4. Get started

The to-do list is done. All there’s left is getting started with Vintage art Journaling.

Writing in Journal

What to write

You don’t have to think too much while starting writing your journal, you can simply start by introducing yourself, or just start writing your thoughts and feelings that you haven’t told anyone. From my experience, writing these things down helps you to understand the situations better and somehow magically things starts to seem less complicated. Practicing regular informal writings make your life simpler, easy to maintain and help you to take better decisions.

And For those, who want to make a vintage style planner, it’s even simpler. Just start with drawing tables and doodles of calendars on your page and for other pages and use of supplies to make it more creative you can look for my posts with pages ideas and different themes.

4. Wrap up!

There’s this one thing I’m a bit strict about and would like to ask my readers too, once you’re done with journaling for the day, keep your journal and supplies in order. Be organized. Not maintaining your stuff related to your journal is big bummer in your practice of regularity. Trust me, it doesn’t take much time and once it becomes a practice, it helps you to be more organized and more active.

Washi Supplies

Journaling is a great practice. It not just helps you to deal with your thoughts but also helps in self improvement, helps you to stay motivated and balance your mental peace with the situations you face. Moreover, Art Journaling is a fun activity, it showcase your creative side, doesn’t bind you with any rule. You are free to create you journal the way you want.

I hope you find this post helpful. Please share your thoughts and queries(if any) in the comments. Have fun journaling!!

Football Themed Journal Spread

I love turning things that grab my attention into my journal pages. I love watching football and I’ve made some customized pages of my journal dedicated to football. People who watch football would agree with me on this that how madly, deeply and completely football become a beautiful addiction. I’m going to show some ideas on how to add your favorite football club related vintage aesthetics to your journal and the story of how I started watching football.

 I started watching football in 2011. And the first match I ever watched was an El Clasico (the famous rivalry in the world of football between two top clubs – Real Madrid and FC Barcelona). Though I was unaware of this fact and I was watching the match completely unbiased. For the matter of fact, Christiano Ronaldo was the only player I knew about at that time. But then I saw this man playing so beautifully as if he was a magician of the field. That was the moment I fall in love with football. It was Andres Iniesta of FC Barcelona who had just scored a goal with the assistance of Lionel Messi. And the match was Spanish Super Cup, second leg. That game ended with Barcelona winning with 3-2 at Camp Nou (home stadium of Barcelona).

 Messi was the starring player in that match with 2 goals and also created chance for Iniesta to score the third goal for Barcelona. From Real Madrid, Ronaldo and Benzema had scored one goal each. That match was so intense that there was a little spat between players in the middle of the match making it more exciting to watch, especially for someone who was watching it for the first time. Barcelona had won the Supercopa de Espana title. It felt really amazing to watch that outstanding match. Iniesta was a magician and he’s the reason I fall in love with football, he’s the reason I started watching football.

Adding Barca elements to the journal is pretty nostalgic. The first thing came to my mind was the Pep Gaurdiola’s vintage Barca squad. Absolutely gem team players like Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta, Xavi, Carles Puyol, Gerard Pique, Sergio Busquets, Dani Alves, Pedro and others.

When you talk about Barcelona, you can’t leave Lionel Messi out of that conversation. He is unarguably the G.O.A.T of football. And he has proved himself countless times, that he and Barcelona are not different. He’s FC Barcelona and FC Barcelona is him. After the end of golden era of FC Barcelona, Messi was the only hope we had. He single handedly carried the club. I personally have witnessed a lot of fans stopped supporting FC Barcelona and searching for a new club to land their fandom. Most of the cules (that’s what Barcelona fans call themselves) had lost the hopes for the club, even players had lost their faith. But recently tables turned because of the captain Messi and changed arrangements of the club and FCB won Copa Del Rey title after a very long time and restore the faith in Barca. Given the financial conditions of the club right now, Messi has renewed the contract with FCB by agreeing to cut 50% of his wage rate. That’s how loyal he is to the club. That’s the loyalty we need in life. That’s what we mean when we say football is not just a game, it is an emotion.

Another very important element related to Barcelona to be added in my journal is Johan Cruyff. As I started supported FC Barcelona, I searched and learned about the history of the club as well and came across the name of Johan Cruyff (Dutch Footballer). Another legendary player who returned to FC Barcelona in 1973 and helped the club wins the Spanish Club League. Later he became coach of the team and helped the club win numerous titles.  

This page of my journal contains certain sentiments and it every time leaves me misty-eyed. Adding things you’re passionate about to your journal gives another level of peace and satisfaction. I hope you find it useful, and I hope I might have  induced you at least a little bit to start journal for yourself.

Thank you for reading. Hope you have a nice day.

Hogwarts in the Journal

Incase you’re a Potterhead like me and want to add that nostalgic part to your journal, then in this blog I’m going to share some of my ideas with a vintage touch in it.

I’ve grown watching Harry Potter movies and cried watching the last scene. I still watch the whole film series after small accomplishments as a treat. But, I know I’m not the only one who is in love with the Harry Potter Universe. There are a million others out there whose life is impacted by this amazing piece of work. There are many characters, quotes and phrases of varying significance and have their own uniqueness that has greatly influenced many of our lives.

Harry Potter themed Journal Page

Adding some magic in your journal can be real fun, that too when it is attached to sentimental values. If you want to add characters of Harry Potter universe then here are some of my ideas for Harry Potter themed journal spreads.

Harry Potter

‘The boy who lived.’ Being famous in wizardry world and center of focus, Harry Potter must be the favourite character to many. A lot of us at some point wanted to be him, not knowing the originality of ourselves and some day out of the blue receiving a letter from Hogwarts is a fantasy every potterhead has.

Hermione Granger

‘The brightest witch of her age.’ Now, character of Hermione Granger is the one of the best character of the movie. I personally love her personality so much. ‘Intelligence and cleverness’ as she defines herself a I-know-it-all character, that annoyed everyone including Ron a lot and yet all of us loved it very much. She is the childhood crush of every male Potterhead. And why not, she was ‘perfect’. She is one of the reasons why I’m into books so much. She made the nerds look fascinating and interesting which goes against the popular notion. She has inspired me and a lot of people out there to know the fun-side of knowledge. A big applause to JK Rowling for creating this amazing character.

Professor Snape

A villain turned into the hero, the character of professor snap has justified his role by keeping us at the edge of the seat. Growing old alongside the characters of the harry potter and gaining enough maturity was necessary to understand the depth of this dark horse professor Snape. Credit goes to Rowling for keeping his secrets safe until the tail end. The promise he carried throughout his life is truly inspirational and reflex unconditional love. ‘ALWAYS…’

Albus Dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore is an ideal mentor figure we would have seen onscreen. We can trace his inspirational quotes throughout the series of harry potter. His poist, his talking in riddles, articulation of facts are some of the things that kept us hooked to the tangles of his beard. Be it his mere presence as the headmaster of Hogwarts or his sacrifice to make harry survive, Albus Dumbledore has triumph in the shoes of Chaperone of Harry  Potter.

Sirius Black

 Sirius Black is another important character who was introduced in the third part  ‘Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban’ alongside professor Remus Lupin. Going against his introduction as a prisioner he emerged as the godfather of Mr. Potter. His closeness with Harry’s Parents made Harry consider him as his family. His introduction transformed the innocence of the character to maturity; from here on, the submergence into the dark secrets of the castle of Hogwarts began.

The list of characters is never-ending. We cannot miss mentioning Hagrid, Professor McGonagal, Ronald Weasely, Gini Weasely, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom and even Draco Malfoy. Each character added a little life into the universe of magic created by JK Rowling, in which we are never bored of living.

Adding these characters to the journal is same as carrying a magical universe with you all the time. Flipping through the pages can take you to the journey of Hogwarts and it’s magical creatures.

Do you like this Harry Potter themed journal spreads with a touch of vintage aesthetics?

The Color Red

The Color Red is considered to be the strongest color as it grabs everyone’s attention quicker than any other color.  This Fiery color relates to many strong emotions according to color psychology. It denotes passion, love and power as well as it is linked with anger and danger. Even to show domination in any field this color is used. Basically red is a color that grabs the predominant attention of our subconscious mind and also finds out its relative meaning as per the context.

This particular color has great significance on my life as well. Though, I don’t consider it my favorite color, still I feel I can’t find any escape from it. It’s dominance makes me choose it again and again.

This stimulating hue has a great connection with vintage era. And I personally find this color highly compelling than any other color on the palette. Probably that’s the reason I chose to introduce this color in my journal apart from the black ink that I always prefer.

I’m going to flaunt my pages made out of red and black ink that never fail to convey the vintage vibe.

This page of my journal shows the old vintage Red Wine which is considered to be at least 15 years old in vintage styled glasses called goblets. This particular page of my journal emits a royal and vintage vibe which is impossible to ignore and that makes this concept perfect for my journal. I love to draw these types of things in my journal. All I did here is took a pencil and drew these figures of goblets with antique looking designs and of different shapes. Then, I traced that drawing with a black point pen and shaded with the same pen. Lastly, I just filled the royal red color in the leftover space with the help of water color.  And the page was ready. You may use a red sketch pen instead of water color if you’re afraid of making any mess and want to keep it simple.

There is another page from my journal that depicts significance of color red in the vintage things.

This page has different antique looking mirror frames that are overlapping each other making it look more aesthetic for a journal. I used same process as above with this one as well. And I used both the pages to draw a single motive. These frames clearly denote an era in which they were used and the red color in it makes it more vintage.

These pages show some of the most creative vintage concepts I have come up with until now. I’d also recommend it to the people who have decided to make journals with a unique idea. Art journals with different ideas can be very amusing and may surprise you with a hidden creative facet of your own personality.

You may come up with different motives as well. For example, antique designed keys, different big oxidized jewelries that have significance with an old era or anything you find fascinating. Just try to put in the energy of the Red into it.

Let me know if you have started your own journal and if you find these ideas of any help.

Thank You so much for reading my post.

The First Page

I hope everyone is doing fine provided the current situation and worldly chaos. Since the last year, the world is facing the unprecedented crisis of COVID-19 and the escalation of it’s cases. Lockdown must have made a lot of people anxious or depressed that they be seeking some kind of escape from all of this. Here’s how I paved my way into better and more meaningful personality shift.

It was the 20th of April this year when I felt so stuck while working from home in to the lockdown. I wanted it to go out so badly. While being encased in bewilderment I looked at my diary that was gifted by my father and decided to write things down. Also, I was always inclined towards art and craft since my childhood, so I used my virtue in making my journal. It didn’t really take much time, but it turned out to be extremely pleasing and calming activity.

I used the journal, a black pen, a brown paper, an old book, dried leaves and some stickers that I printed at home. That’s it, these are easily available things that I collected and put together on the pages of my journal that turned to emit vintage vibes. And right on that moment I had fallen in love with the vintage aesthetics.

This is the first spread I created using above mentioned things.

And here is how I made this page:

Firstly, I roughly tore an old book’s page into half, crosswise (i.e. from above-right edge of the page to bottom-left edge of the page). The rough ends of the page are the beauty of this type of journaling. Then, I pasted both of these pieces at the edge of the journal page.

Then, I did the same thing with music note stickers that I printed by myself and covered the remaining corners of the journal page.

Then coffee painted a normal paper to give it aged look and crushed it a little and pasted over an uneven brown paper and pasted both of these roughly over the journal page covering maximum area of it.

Then, I took small bit random ruled paper and covered a small patch of the page. Then I trimmed some more decorative stickers and pasted it on the remaining space. This step completes maximum of the journal’s page.

Some of different leaves I’ve collected

I took two dried leaves of different size and pasted of the page at different positions. And lastly, I just used my black pen and wrote a gist about what I was feeling that day on the coffee dyed and crushed piece of paper that I earlier pasted. And the first page of my Journal was ready.

Do you also write journal or do some other activity in order avoid conflicts or daily life problems?

Thank you so much reading this blog. Let me know, if you find any part of this blog useful in comments.

Art of Preserving Moments

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” –William Wordsmith

Do you collect the moments too? Is it even possible to keep certain moments? When we collect random cards, stickers from the letters or the flowers, things that meant the moments at certain times and you look for ways to preserve them. That’s actually an art of of preserving memories. Every time you look or touch those ephemerae, it actually takes you back to the exact moments or time that you’ve once experienced. That ticklish feeling resembles what you felt the first time when you touched those things.

I prefer collecting them in my journal. Every fragment of scrap has it’s own significance. Writing down certain moments or pasting these things gives a kind of peace to my mind. It’s been a while of making these vintage journals and I truly love going through these pages again and again and living those moments.

I’m gonna show you some of the materials or ephemerae that I use while making the journal spreads. If you feel that’s something ticklish, then keep reading!

These are some flowers that I received some months ago, pages from some old books that I’ve read twice, washi stickers and notes that used to have great importance in my life at a point of time. I love taping dried flowers and aged looking stickers and papers in my journal.

Here are some retro looking images that I found in old books. It’s fun when you tear these pages and leave there uneven and crooked ends the way they are in order to paste them in your journal, you’ll find it fascinating when you flip through your journal.

And these are some reshuffled pages and stickers as the last one. I have completely fallen in love with the vintage vibe these things radiate. For a fact, I know a lot of people are out there who find old times fascinating and they can start journaling leisurely if they include the bygone era in their lives.

This journal is totally meant for your appreciation and no one else’s. It’s for your own peace of mind and for your own satisfaction. Design it the way you want. I’m just here to share my art and to let you know the importance of these retrograde way of journaling, through which I found happiness and comfort which I felt was missing from my life. Opening up to your journal is very soothing. Jotting down the things that you feel uncomfortable to share with others as they might not vibe with the same essence. But a journal can become your best friend at such times. It is an ESCAPE.

Thank you so much for landing your precious time in reading my deliberations .


Vintage Journal

It all started when I made this journal myself with the help of easily available materials at home. I’ve always been very interested in vintage aesthetics since my childhood, be it vintage fashion, vintage colors, vintage cars or vintage vibes. This journal made me feel closer to my vintage self and somehow connected me to the girl who feels she’s born in the wrong era and can still survive it with the vibes that she creates.

Making this journal made me feel so peaceful and calm, that I felt I should share it with others, so that people who feel lost, sometimes want an escape from reality or have even a little love for aesthetics, vintage or art can find it useful the way I did.

In this blog I’ll be sharing how I made this Journal. So guys, if you want to make one for yourself and start a journey of escape into vintage vibes, continue to read this blog.

Items required:

  • Handmade Paper
  • Needle and Thick Thread
  • Plain A4 size Sheets
  • Coffee for dyeing


  1. Dyeing of Pages
  • Cut the A4 size sheet in two halves. Repeat this step on 60 pages so that you get 120 pages after folding them as a result.
  • Now take a tray big enough for your pages and fill it with water and add 1 spoon coffee into it. And now dip the pages one by one into the mixture of coffee and water and then let it dry.

*caution: Don’t let the pages soak in the mixture for more than 20 seconds. Once all the pages are dyed and dried, start folding the pages from the middle and make four sets of 15-15 pages and keep them aside.

2. Preparation of Cover

  • Take the handmade paper and divide three columns on it with pencil and scale.

Ø The columns should be 1cm longer than the length of dyed papers.

Ø The width of the left most columns should be equal to the width of the dyed papers.

Ø The width of the rightmost column should 2 inches more than the width of leftmost column for the overlapping purpose.

Ø The width of the middle column should be 1/3rd of the dyed papers.

  • Now fold the handmade sheet into those three columns and cut and extra part (if any) and your cover is ready.

3. Binding

  • Take one set of dyed 15 pages, place them the handmade paper cover and mark 3 dots on the topmost dyed page and in the middle column of handmade cover. Make sure Dots are at equal distance from each other and leave 1 inch from up and down.
  • Now take the needle and thread start sewing. Start from the middle dot of topmost dyed page; let it through with middle dot of cover. Then, from the outside of cover let the needle and thread go from top dot of cover to top dot of dyed page. Now again let it go from middle dot of dyed page and cover, simultaneously and repeat the same step with bottom dot of cover and dyed page. And just make a knot with the thread and needle at the middle dot.
  • Repeat this with the rest of the three sets of dyed pages and the handmade cover.

4. Cover Strip (optional)

If you want, you can give an easy strip to your cover to bind it and give an ultimate vintage look to your journal. Just take the needle and a long thread and stitch a bit in the middle of the overlapping part of the rightmost column of cover.

And Ta-Daa! Your vintage journal is ready. It’s a great decorative piece too because of the aesthetic vibe it gives. Though, it is always useful to gift such handmade journal to special ones. I have done that, and I can assure you it makes the person feel really special.

Enjoy your first handmade vintage journal.

*Don’t worry about the thickness of your cover. The handmade paper is already quite hard and thick than the normal pages of your journal. This just works fine and it’s easy too and doesn’t take a lot of your time, so you can give it a try and see if you had long lost love for vintage vibes.