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About Vintage Arthetics

Vintage Arthetics is dedicated to Art Journaling and Vintage Vibes. It is built with an idea to create a spark in people to explore their inner artist and to help you to be motivated enough to get you to start journaling for yourself.

This Blog will help you with techniques, know-how, themes and related ideas for your Journal with a Vintage Aesthetic Vibes. These are some of my Blogs that will help you with the beginning of maintaining your Vintage Art Journal.

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About the Blogger

Hi I’m Sagrika, a CA Final and a financial executive by day and the creator of the Journal Spreads you came across on this website by night. I started journaling as a hobby and after sometime it became my obsession. Though I spend maximum of my time in studying and working, I still manage to spare a small part it to dedicate to my obsession and passion which is Art and Journaling. Vintage Style is the base theme of my journal and art related stuff because I am a vintage soul. I love the bygone era and its aesthetics.

To cut the long story short

I’m a vintage nostalgic person, who loves making and maintaining Journals. I’m a football fanatic and a rock music enthusiast. I love carrying all the things I’m passionate about close to my heart and preserve in my Journals with an artistic touch. And I want to help others with their doubts related to Art Journaling in Vintage Style and to give them more related ideas.

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