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Easy Doodle scribbling in Journal

If you’re all set to start your Art Journal journey in a vintage style and looking for some easy ideas which doesn’t require a lot of mess, then this blog can help you with achieving that target.

There’s a complementary thing that comes with the thought journal writing which every beginner feels, and it’s laziness. A lot of time we get inspired to start a journal for ourselves and even get a journal, but let it rest in our cupboard and never really start spending time with it. Been there, done that!

I’ve always found art journals fascinating. A lot of times I’ve tried to start it at different stages of my life and failed until last time when I successfully implemented the practice. There were a lot of reasons why I couldn’t do it before, but ‘what to do in that journal’ is the biggest reason of all. I’ve wasted some of my time because of that question but I don’t want you to crawl as slow as me. So, if you’re starting an art journal and looking for easiest and simplest art to punch in your journal, then some simple doodling can be the solution to it and I can help you with it, by giving you idea and showing some of my work.

Here’s some of my work related to doodles. They are very easy motives and no extra supplies are needed except a black gel pen and a journal.

I love flowers. And that’s one of the beautiful aspects about art that it reflects the personality of its artist. These are some flowers related easy doodles. You can either make it on the whole page or you can make it at a corner or at an edge letting some of the space on the page to write.

Doodling is very easy and fun. I love flowers and that’s why I make them. You don’t have to restrict yourself to flowers, you can make anything you want or feel like making. You don’t have to worry about the perfectness of your doodle. Since, it’s vintage art; it would look great if it’s rough and a bit careless.

It’s an amazing way to record your art into your Journal. You are your own master, you are free the draw and scribble as you want. Remember, there are no rules. This art let your emotions and passion to freely scratch over the pages of your journal and it reduces your stress and complications.

There’s something about the branches of trees with no leaves that look so aesthetic to me. I love drawing branches on these pages. And they actually look very aesthetic according to the vintage theme.

The vibe these branches create is just the thing you’re looking for while making vintage themed aged pages. This kind of scribbles motivates you to do more. These pages and these journals are meant for you, for your self-motivation and for your satisfaction. Make it the way you want it to be.

You can make it look more artistic and retro by adding a little collage as its base. You just need some brown paper (for vintage look and a little extra paper of your own choice and paste it on your aged page of journal roughly. And just draw a simple motive or doodle on it. If you draw it roughly over and off the collage you pasted, it will just look more artistic. But, again there’s no rule, if you want to keep it neat you can do that like the next picture.

This one looks neat and still radiates a vintage vibe that you want for your journal. These ideas are super easy and extremely fun to make. If you enjoy art and aesthetics, then you should give a try to vintage/art journal. You have no idea how many things you are capable of, just never stop exploring yourself.

If you run out of motives you don’t have to feel stuck, that reduces your motivation and doesn’t let you grow. At such times you just repeat your ideas and you’d be surprised to see that you can create a new one using your old ones. I have done this a lot of times and it doesn’t let you down. Having an art journal can be so exciting that it can change a lot in your personality and can make you more pleasing and happy.

There are some big motives that can cover a whole page and give your journal a very amazing look. Here I am going to  share such pages and motives for your journal.

You can try these aesthetic doodles in your journal and you’d be more than happy to do the scribbling on your journal with easy and simple ideas and less supplies. Your thoughts on one page and doodles on other gives an amazing look to your journal.

Motives like this can be made by a non-artist too. If you’ve never done drawing in your life but always liked the idea of it. And you want to keep an art journal for yourself then these ideas can help you to start your journey of journals. It’s exciting, fun and a little nostalgic too because when you write your thoughts, sometimes it takes you back to certain moments. But at the end, writing these thoughts out really helps you to move on and carry on with your life instead of clinging on a moment or a situation.

These doodles and piece of art are not complicated at all and it takes just few minutes of your time. I made them in just 5-15 minutes each and with a running hand. Best part about maintaining an art journal is that you do it according to your convenience and according to how it makes you feel and no one else. It’s an amazing way to showcase and preserve your art at the same time. You can keep it private and just for your own satisfaction.

Give your art a try and do journaling in your leisure time. I hope you find my blog helpful and inspiring. Have an amazing and a thoughtful day.

Please give your thoughts in the comments. Happy Jounaling!


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