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How to start a Journal: Vintage Style

If you’re thinking to start an art journal in vintage style, then this post can be of great help for you. Everything related to vintage art journal is covered in this post. So if you’re a beginner and looking for guidance to make your own vintage journal then keep reading.

It doesn’t matter if you are related to art and craft or a journal keeper –or you’ve never done this before and all these things are new to you, It’s not a problem at all. You can start a journal irrespective of any above mentioned cases and the way you want.

Vintage Journal

Why Keeping a Journal

Firstly, keeping a journal can be very beneficial. Journaling can be a creative way to express your thoughts and managing your stress level. There is no predetermined way to write a journal. You can maintain your journal the way it seem fit. There is no particular purpose of a Journal, You can write your thoughts in your journal, plan your days, maintain to-do list or you can do different things in it, may be long-lost creativity or just some stress-relieving doodling in your journal. Writing in journals daily helps a lot of people to deal with a lot of things, but again there’s no rule to write daily. You can write according to your convenience and schedules as you want. Maintaining Journal for a writer can be of great importance. But you don’t have to be a writer to keep journal. It’s beautiful practice to maintain a journal in attempt to make your life simpler.

Doodles in Journal

Vintage journal creates a vibe which is very fascinating and different from normal journal keeping. Not just for you but for the people around you because of its mysteriously fascinating looks. It can be very exciting and fun to make this retro style of journal.

While maintaining art Journals you not only write your thoughts and feelings in it but you also get to show your creative and fun side. Because many of us haven’t even met this side of our personality or may be never explored ourselves that much.

Since we have learned why keeping a journal is important, now let’s jump into how to maintain an Art Journal in Vintage style.

Steps to maintain Art Journal

Creating an art journal in Vintage style can be easy and fun. Here’s step by step guidance to start an art Journal in Vintage style.

1. Have a Journal

You can start a Journal in no time as soon as you have a Journal. You can buy a Vintage looking Journal from your favorite store or from online store.

Or if you don’t want to put cost into it, then you can make your own journal with lowest cost and hand-made Items. You may click THE VINTAGE JOURNAL, my blog for step-by-step guidance for making your own vintage journal in no cost.

Aged Pages

Perks of having Vintage style Journal

  • Amazing Vintage Vibes
  • The uniqueness of your journal.
  • The look of aged pages will surely induce you to write more and motivate you to be creative.

2. Supplies

If you want to just write then there’s no problem, because aged paper creates a vintage vibe which seems enough. And all you need is a pen to start with. Preferably, a black gel or black ink pen would do. You can draw simple doodles or simple motive with the same pen at some of your pages.


If you want to be more creativity, then you need to have some supplies:

  • Old book for motives and pages.
  • Printable stickers (preferably vintage style)
  • A brown sheet
  • Glue
  • Dried flowers and Leaves.

3. Have a Space for Journaling

It doesn’t have to be a particular room with a mini library. A simple table or even your bed-side corner would do just fine. Having a particular space for your journaling stuff would motivate you to keep going.

Don’t worry if it looks bit messy at start, it’s actually the fun part of it because you are allowed to make a mess here. Basically, this art is born out of mess. The more rough it looks the more vintage vibes it produce.

4. Get started

The to-do list is done. All there’s left is getting started with Vintage art Journaling.

Writing in Journal

What to write

You don’t have to think too much while starting writing your journal, you can simply start by introducing yourself, or just start writing your thoughts and feelings that you haven’t told anyone. From my experience, writing these things down helps you to understand the situations better and somehow magically things starts to seem less complicated. Practicing regular informal writings make your life simpler, easy to maintain and help you to take better decisions.

And For those, who want to make a vintage style planner, it’s even simpler. Just start with drawing tables and doodles of calendars on your page and for other pages and use of supplies to make it more creative you can look for my posts with pages ideas and different themes.

4. Wrap up!

There’s this one thing I’m a bit strict about and would like to ask my readers too, once you’re done with journaling for the day, keep your journal and supplies in order. Be organized. Not maintaining your stuff related to your journal is big bummer in your practice of regularity. Trust me, it doesn’t take much time and once it becomes a practice, it helps you to be more organized and more active.

Washi Supplies

Journaling is a great practice. It not just helps you to deal with your thoughts but also helps in self improvement, helps you to stay motivated and balance your mental peace with the situations you face. Moreover, Art Journaling is a fun activity, it showcase your creative side, doesn’t bind you with any rule. You are free to create you journal the way you want.

I hope you find this post helpful. Please share your thoughts and queries(if any) in the comments. Have fun journaling!!


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