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Hogwarts in the Journal

Incase you’re a Potterhead like me and want to add that nostalgic part to your journal, then in this blog I’m going to share some of my ideas with a vintage touch in it.

I’ve grown watching Harry Potter movies and cried watching the last scene. I still watch the whole film series after small accomplishments as a treat. But, I know I’m not the only one who is in love with the Harry Potter Universe. There are a million others out there whose life is impacted by this amazing piece of work. There are many characters, quotes and phrases of varying significance and have their own uniqueness that has greatly influenced many of our lives.

Harry Potter themed Journal Page

Adding some magic in your journal can be real fun, that too when it is attached to sentimental values. If you want to add characters of Harry Potter universe then here are some of my ideas for Harry Potter themed journal spreads.

Harry Potter

‘The boy who lived.’ Being famous in wizardry world and center of focus, Harry Potter must be the favourite character to many. A lot of us at some point wanted to be him, not knowing the originality of ourselves and some day out of the blue receiving a letter from Hogwarts is a fantasy every potterhead has.

Hermione Granger

‘The brightest witch of her age.’ Now, character of Hermione Granger is the one of the best character of the movie. I personally love her personality so much. ‘Intelligence and cleverness’ as she defines herself a I-know-it-all character, that annoyed everyone including Ron a lot and yet all of us loved it very much. She is the childhood crush of every male Potterhead. And why not, she was ‘perfect’. She is one of the reasons why I’m into books so much. She made the nerds look fascinating and interesting which goes against the popular notion. She has inspired me and a lot of people out there to know the fun-side of knowledge. A big applause to JK Rowling for creating this amazing character.

Professor Snape

A villain turned into the hero, the character of professor snap has justified his role by keeping us at the edge of the seat. Growing old alongside the characters of the harry potter and gaining enough maturity was necessary to understand the depth of this dark horse professor Snape. Credit goes to Rowling for keeping his secrets safe until the tail end. The promise he carried throughout his life is truly inspirational and reflex unconditional love. ‘ALWAYS…’

Albus Dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore is an ideal mentor figure we would have seen onscreen. We can trace his inspirational quotes throughout the series of harry potter. His poist, his talking in riddles, articulation of facts are some of the things that kept us hooked to the tangles of his beard. Be it his mere presence as the headmaster of Hogwarts or his sacrifice to make harry survive, Albus Dumbledore has triumph in the shoes of Chaperone of Harry  Potter.

Sirius Black

 Sirius Black is another important character who was introduced in the third part  ‘Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban’ alongside professor Remus Lupin. Going against his introduction as a prisioner he emerged as the godfather of Mr. Potter. His closeness with Harry’s Parents made Harry consider him as his family. His introduction transformed the innocence of the character to maturity; from here on, the submergence into the dark secrets of the castle of Hogwarts began.

The list of characters is never-ending. We cannot miss mentioning Hagrid, Professor McGonagal, Ronald Weasely, Gini Weasely, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom and even Draco Malfoy. Each character added a little life into the universe of magic created by JK Rowling, in which we are never bored of living.

Adding these characters to the journal is same as carrying a magical universe with you all the time. Flipping through the pages can take you to the journey of Hogwarts and it’s magical creatures.

Do you like this Harry Potter themed journal spreads with a touch of vintage aesthetics?


2 thoughts on “Hogwarts in the Journal

  1. I very much like this Hogwarts themed journal.
    It was actually reading J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels that inspired me to start writing my series of vampire novels.
    And while there are so many different Harry Potter characters I like and love, Professor Snape was always my favourite.
    A villain turned into the hero.
    I think subconsciously J. K. Rowling’s character of Snape inspired my own character of Renfield R. Renfield in my vampire novels.
    He started out as the villain but a few vampire novels later, he turned into the hero.

    Liked by 1 person

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