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The Color Red

The Color Red is considered to be the strongest color as it grabs everyone’s attention quicker than any other color.  This Fiery color relates to many strong emotions according to color psychology. It denotes passion, love and power as well as it is linked with anger and danger. Even to show domination in any field this color is used. Basically red is a color that grabs the predominant attention of our subconscious mind and also finds out its relative meaning as per the context.

This particular color has great significance on my life as well. Though, I don’t consider it my favorite color, still I feel I can’t find any escape from it. It’s dominance makes me choose it again and again.

This stimulating hue has a great connection with vintage era. And I personally find this color highly compelling than any other color on the palette. Probably that’s the reason I chose to introduce this color in my journal apart from the black ink that I always prefer.

I’m going to flaunt my pages made out of red and black ink that never fail to convey the vintage vibe.

This page of my journal shows the old vintage Red Wine which is considered to be at least 15 years old in vintage styled glasses called goblets. This particular page of my journal emits a royal and vintage vibe which is impossible to ignore and that makes this concept perfect for my journal. I love to draw these types of things in my journal. All I did here is took a pencil and drew these figures of goblets with antique looking designs and of different shapes. Then, I traced that drawing with a black point pen and shaded with the same pen. Lastly, I just filled the royal red color in the leftover space with the help of water color.  And the page was ready. You may use a red sketch pen instead of water color if you’re afraid of making any mess and want to keep it simple.

There is another page from my journal that depicts significance of color red in the vintage things.

This page has different antique looking mirror frames that are overlapping each other making it look more aesthetic for a journal. I used same process as above with this one as well. And I used both the pages to draw a single motive. These frames clearly denote an era in which they were used and the red color in it makes it more vintage.

These pages show some of the most creative vintage concepts I have come up with until now. I’d also recommend it to the people who have decided to make journals with a unique idea. Art journals with different ideas can be very amusing and may surprise you with a hidden creative facet of your own personality.

You may come up with different motives as well. For example, antique designed keys, different big oxidized jewelries that have significance with an old era or anything you find fascinating. Just try to put in the energy of the Red into it.

Let me know if you have started your own journal and if you find these ideas of any help.

Thank You so much for reading my post.


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