The First Page

I hope everyone is doing fine provided the current situation and worldly chaos. Since the last year, the world is facing the unprecedented crisis of COVID-19 and the escalation of it’s cases. Lockdown must have made a lot of people anxious or depressed that they be seeking some kind of escape from all of this. Here’s how I paved my way into better and more meaningful personality shift.

It was the 20th of April this year when I felt so stuck while working from home in to the lockdown. I wanted it to go out so badly. While being encased in bewilderment I looked at my diary that was gifted by my father and decided to write things down. Also, I was always inclined towards art and craft since my childhood, so I used my virtue in making my journal. It didn’t really take much time, but it turned out to be extremely pleasing and calming activity.

I used the journal, a black pen, a brown paper, an old book, dried leaves and some stickers that I printed at home. That’s it, these are easily available things that I collected and put together on the pages of my journal that turned to emit vintage vibes. And right on that moment I had fallen in love with the vintage aesthetics.

This is the first spread I created using above mentioned things.

And here is how I made this page:

Firstly, I roughly tore an old book’s page into half, crosswise (i.e. from above-right edge of the page to bottom-left edge of the page). The rough ends of the page are the beauty of this type of journaling. Then, I pasted both of these pieces at the edge of the journal page.

Then, I did the same thing with music note stickers that I printed by myself and covered the remaining corners of the journal page.

Then coffee painted a normal paper to give it aged look and crushed it a little and pasted over an uneven brown paper and pasted both of these roughly over the journal page covering maximum area of it.

Then, I took small bit random ruled paper and covered a small patch of the page. Then I trimmed some more decorative stickers and pasted it on the remaining space. This step completes maximum of the journal’s page.

Some of different leaves I’ve collected

I took two dried leaves of different size and pasted of the page at different positions. And lastly, I just used my black pen and wrote a gist about what I was feeling that day on the coffee dyed and crushed piece of paper that I earlier pasted. And the first page of my Journal was ready.

Do you also write journal or do some other activity in order avoid conflicts or daily life problems?

Thank you so much reading this blog. Let me know, if you find any part of this blog useful in comments.

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