Art of Preserving Moments

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” –William Wordsmith

Do you collect the moments too? Is it even possible to keep certain moments? When we collect random cards, stickers from the letters or the flowers, things that meant the moments at certain times and you look for ways to preserve them. That’s actually an art of of preserving memories. Every time you look or touch those ephemerae, it actually takes you back to the exact moments or time that you’ve once experienced. That ticklish feeling resembles what you felt the first time when you touched those things.

I prefer collecting them in my journal. Every fragment of scrap has it’s own significance. Writing down certain moments or pasting these things gives a kind of peace to my mind. It’s been a while of making these vintage journals and I truly love going through these pages again and again and living those moments.

I’m gonna show you some of the materials or ephemerae that I use while making the journal spreads. If you feel that’s something ticklish, then keep reading!

These are some flowers that I received some months ago, pages from some old books that I’ve read twice, washi stickers and notes that used to have great importance in my life at a point of time. I love taping dried flowers and aged looking stickers and papers in my journal.

Here are some retro looking images that I found in old books. It’s fun when you tear these pages and leave there uneven and crooked ends the way they are in order to paste them in your journal, you’ll find it fascinating when you flip through your journal.

And these are some reshuffled pages and stickers as the last one. I have completely fallen in love with the vintage vibe these things radiate. For a fact, I know a lot of people are out there who find old times fascinating and they can start journaling leisurely if they include the bygone era in their lives.

This journal is totally meant for your appreciation and no one else’s. It’s for your own peace of mind and for your own satisfaction. Design it the way you want. I’m just here to share my art and to let you know the importance of these retrograde way of journaling, through which I found happiness and comfort which I felt was missing from my life. Opening up to your journal is very soothing. Jotting down the things that you feel uncomfortable to share with others as they might not vibe with the same essence. But a journal can become your best friend at such times. It is an ESCAPE.

Thank you so much for landing your precious time in reading my deliberations .


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