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Vintage Journal

It all started when I made this journal myself with the help of easily available materials at home. I’ve always been very interested in vintage aesthetics since my childhood, be it vintage fashion, vintage colors, vintage cars or vintage vibes. This journal made me feel closer to my vintage self and somehow connected me to the girl who feels she’s born in the wrong era and can still survive it with the vibes that she creates.

Making this journal made me feel so peaceful and calm, that I felt I should share it with others, so that people who feel lost, sometimes want an escape from reality or have even a little love for aesthetics, vintage or art can find it useful the way I did.

In this blog I’ll be sharing how I made this Journal. So guys, if you want to make one for yourself and start a journey of escape into vintage vibes, continue to read this blog.

Items required:

  • Handmade Paper
  • Needle and Thick Thread
  • Plain A4 size Sheets
  • Coffee for dyeing


  1. Dyeing of Pages
  • Cut the A4 size sheet in two halves. Repeat this step on 60 pages so that you get 120 pages after folding them as a result.
  • Now take a tray big enough for your pages and fill it with water and add 1 spoon coffee into it. And now dip the pages one by one into the mixture of coffee and water and then let it dry.

*caution: Don’t let the pages soak in the mixture for more than 20 seconds. Once all the pages are dyed and dried, start folding the pages from the middle and make four sets of 15-15 pages and keep them aside.

2. Preparation of Cover

  • Take the handmade paper and divide three columns on it with pencil and scale.

Ø The columns should be 1cm longer than the length of dyed papers.

Ø The width of the left most columns should be equal to the width of the dyed papers.

Ø The width of the rightmost column should 2 inches more than the width of leftmost column for the overlapping purpose.

Ø The width of the middle column should be 1/3rd of the dyed papers.

  • Now fold the handmade sheet into those three columns and cut and extra part (if any) and your cover is ready.

3. Binding

  • Take one set of dyed 15 pages, place them the handmade paper cover and mark 3 dots on the topmost dyed page and in the middle column of handmade cover. Make sure Dots are at equal distance from each other and leave 1 inch from up and down.
  • Now take the needle and thread start sewing. Start from the middle dot of topmost dyed page; let it through with middle dot of cover. Then, from the outside of cover let the needle and thread go from top dot of cover to top dot of dyed page. Now again let it go from middle dot of dyed page and cover, simultaneously and repeat the same step with bottom dot of cover and dyed page. And just make a knot with the thread and needle at the middle dot.
  • Repeat this with the rest of the three sets of dyed pages and the handmade cover.

4. Cover Strip (optional)

If you want, you can give an easy strip to your cover to bind it and give an ultimate vintage look to your journal. Just take the needle and a long thread and stitch a bit in the middle of the overlapping part of the rightmost column of cover.

And Ta-Daa! Your vintage journal is ready. It’s a great decorative piece too because of the aesthetic vibe it gives. Though, it is always useful to gift such handmade journal to special ones. I have done that, and I can assure you it makes the person feel really special.

Enjoy your first handmade vintage journal.

*Don’t worry about the thickness of your cover. The handmade paper is already quite hard and thick than the normal pages of your journal. This just works fine and it’s easy too and doesn’t take a lot of your time, so you can give it a try and see if you had long lost love for vintage vibes.


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